Sony is now eating virtual food from Aibo Robot Dog.

Sony is now eating virtual food from Aibo Robot Dog.

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Sony is now eating virtual food from Aibo Robot Dog.    

Recall the sweet little robot dog Aibo from Sony? A recent update to Aibo has unlocked a few features that will expand Aibo’s usability and make the doggo more useful than ever before.  With the latest version 2.5 update, Sony has opened the Aibo Developer program that lets developers add more functionalities to the dog. You should use the usual method if you know your way around programming and managing APIs. If you’re new to the programming world, on the other hand, Sony provides visual programming to teach Aibo new things without dealing with a lot of software.

It should be noted that these APIs will not provide access to modify Aibo’s feelings, character, or mood, thereby preventing the platform from being misused or violated. I don’t want to see my neighborhood’s evil robot dog, and you certainly wouldn’t.

Coming to the new feature of the update, Aibo Meat. Aibo Food allows owners to feed Aibo digital food. You can buy the digital food with bonus coins when you sign in to the My Aibo app. If you don’t mind shelling out a couple of dollars, you can buy coins to keep your robot dog virtually fed (although a very bad idea). Moreover, you can train Aibo potty and train it to be quiet.

Check out Aibo’s new teaser video to get a sneak peek of actions that the new APIs can do. Aibo can be seen in the video monitoring a microwave, turning on a robot vacuum, reminding a girl to close the fridge and more.

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