Android-X86 Project is taking to your PC Android 9 Pie.

Android-X86 Project is taking to your PC Android 9 Pie.

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Android-X86 Project is taking to your PC Android 9 Pie.       

Android-x86 project developers have recently released Android-based system images for 32-bit and 64-bit PCs as well as LTS kernel 4.19.80. The operating system, together with support for OpenGL ES 3.x hardware acceleration on Ati, Intel, Nvidia, and QEMU, provides a whole lot of Android goodness. 

This new update introduces support for OpenGL ES3.0 for computer rendering on incompatible GPUs via SwiftShader. It also allows stable booting from UEFI and loading onto UEFI disk.

This release includes a text-based GUI installer to make the installation process seamless. GRUB-EFI theme support has been added for individuals wishing to customize their GRUB.

Using the native bridge mechanism found in Settings-> Android-x86 options, you can run ARM architecture apps. The build contains experimental support for Vulkan for newer Intel and AMD GPUs, which can be enabled by booting via Advanced options-> Volkan support.

The build also brings with it a new taskbar that acts as an alternative launcher that tops the screen with the start menu and new apps. It supports window mode in freeform. Finally, on a landscape device, you can run portrait apps without rotating the screen.

Multi-touch, audio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Sensors, Camera, Ethernet (DHCP only), VM mouse integration, auto-mount external USB drive and SD card are other features supported by this latest Android-x86 release.

You can either compile the image by yourself or you can import the compiled images from here. Once you try to install the operating system, it is recommended to take backup of your important files in case something goes wrong during the installation. Check out the operating system and let us know if in the comments you find this helpful.

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