You will soon be able to send WhatsApp messages that is going to be disappearing.

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You will soon be able to send WhatsApp messages  that is going to be disappearing .  

Facebook’s WhatsApp. Yeah, the famous messaging app has lately been given a fresh name, but fresh characteristics have been dearthed. While we are waiting on the dark mode to eventually create an appearance, WhatsApp is working on a fresh feature that is quite common among the ephemeral texts of today’s millennials. Well-known WhatsApp tipster WABetaInfo today revealed that the messaging giant has begun to lay the groundwork for group chats with missing emails. The function presently sees all emails in a discussion being deleted automatically after a set interval and the same can be altered from the “Group Settings” option.

When the function goes live, under Group environments you should see a fresh “Disappearing Messages” option (maybe a placeholder name as seen in the above pictures). Tapping this option will allow you to select the moment in the group discussion for which the posts are live–and will be deleted after that moment. At the moment, we only see intervals of 5 seconds and 1 hour.

The report says the characteristic is presently in the developmental alpha phase. We shouldn’t expect that it will quickly go live. Also, there is no data as to whether the missing message function is accessible for private chats or limited to group chats.

This function will keep your discussions more private, allowing users to share secrets through ephemeral emails.

Snapchat pioneered the notion of ephemeral messaging, but has since moved into more chat applications including Telegram and Messenger. With the addition of this function to WhatsApp, which is now advertising belongs to the social media giant, Facebook might be looking to push for its privacy agenda.

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