Best websites to rent your own parking space .

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Best websites to rent your own parking space .               

1. JustPark.  

JustPark is one of the best choices for individuals who want to gain some cash with minimal hassle, a large player in the parking globe.
They’re going to sort out all the contracts for you, and their payment scheme means that you don’t even have to charge the’ tenant’ who’s parking in your drive.
Payments are collected and you can either cancel your income manually or set it to pay you automatically, either weekly, monthly or quarterly.
There are no charges to sign up or list a room, but JustPark will take 3% of any reservation you receive.
They will bring 20 percent of the first month’s premium for any reservation over two months, and 3 percent for each month thereafter.
They also pay the driver an extra 25% (if the reservation is produced through the app; if submitted on the website, it is 30%) if the reservation is less than two months (10% if it is longer than that).
You should therefore be careful not to list your room for a cost too large, as customers still have another whack of cash to spend even after paying you!

2. ParkLet.  

Another strong contender, ParkLet, is ideal for individuals looking for longer periods of time to rent out their vehicle parking space. That said, they also offer a service for short-term letting.
They are very eager to make the method as smooth as possible, drawing up required agreements and collecting on your behalf monthly rent.
The only downside is that they have quite heavy charges. When they find you a tenant (although listing your space is at least free), you will pay 20 percent commission (+ VAT), as well as a £ 25(+ VAT) administration fee. The longer you rent it out for that purpose, the better.

3. Parkonmydrive.  

With this one, the name tells it all, and while offering a fairly basic service, it does the work extensively.
The big pro here is that you’re only charged a £ 15 annual fee per room you’re renting, so depending on how many rents you’re renting and the cost you’re renting for, it might turn out to be a great deal.
They will also charge you nothing until the first reservation inquiry is made, so there is less risk of being out of pocket.
It has a parking space rental agreement on the legal side of things that you just need to print out and fill in. Facilitated as a pie.

parkonmydrive. com

4. YourParkingSpace.   

It’s one of the newest players on this market, but it still does all you’d like it to do.
The firm provides a complete management service to manage all concerns and negotiations with the tenant, as well as to organize and collect payments.
There is no fee to join YourParkingSpace, but like JustPark they charge the purchaser as commission an extra proportion of the price. They will automatically add 20 percent to your set rental price, but unlike JustPark, the final cost will appear in the listings.
Again, though, this means you’re going to have to be careful how much you’re charging for space. If they top up another 20 percent, it could rapidly become too costly to interest anyone!


5. Gumtree.   

Probably you’ve heard about Gumtree before: the magical, mystical place where you can discover everything from employment to pots. Perhaps surprisingly, parking spaces can also be listed.
Gumtree’s huge bonus is that it’s 100% free. There is no commission to pay, and there are no cumbersome listing charges (unless, of course, you pay to feature your ad).
Gumtree’s huge bonus is that it’s 100% free. There is no commission to pay, and there are no cumbersome listing charges (unless, of course, you pay to feature your ad).
However, the apparent downside to this is that you’re going to have to sort out agreements and payments on your own, which can be a bit of a hassle.

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