Google is Building a Subsea Cable between Europe and South Africa / Nigeria

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Google is Building a Subsea Cable between Europe and South Africa / Nigeria

Google announced that in  Europe and South Africa’s they are building their first private undersea cable, and its third private cable as a whole. Alcatel Submarine Networks will build the cable, and the completion of the first stage of the project is scheduled for 2021. After Nigerian writer and abolitionist Olaudah Equiano, the Mountain View giant named the undersea cable “Equiano,” and according to Google, it will be the first subsea cable to use fiber-level optical switching, making it easy to adjust flying ability.
Talking about Equiano, the search giant also asserted that this fresh cable could carry about twenty times the ability of the region’s last cable constructed. In addition, the cable will have a number of branching points along its path that can be used in the future to link other nations to Equiano. Google is already planning to link the cable in the future to Lagos, Nigeria and other nations.
Other than Equiano, Google already has two other private cables—’ Dunant’ between Europe and the United States, and’ Curie’ between the United States and Chile.
Unlike some of its rivals, Google presently does not run any African continent information centers and still has to share any plans to do so. This makes quick connections to Europe even more necessary, although Google may also set up this fresh cable to prepare for, for instance, the launch of a data center in South Africa.
“This significantly simplifies cable capacity distribution, offering us the flexibility to add and reallocate cable capability at distinct places as required,” she said.
“And because Equiano is fully financed by Google, we can speed up our building schedule and optimize the amount of negotiating sides.” A cable building agreement was signed with Alcatel Submarine Networks in Q4 2018, and the first stage of the project, linking South Africa with Portugal, is anticipated to be finished in 2021.

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